Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Review – Pros and Cons of The Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

If you have a need for a shiatsu massage cushion, then the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK may be the right choice for you. Priced around $150, it definitely is not the cheapest massage cushion. Many similar products are offered under $100. However, this electric massager has received many positive reviews on Amazon. Read on to see if the massaging device is a good fit.

Being advertised as a shiatsu massage cushion, this is not for those who want a soft massage. Equipped with multiple massage heads, it can be a good choice for you who are accustomed to deep tissue work. Two main settings are provided: Shiatsu and Rolling. Each can do full back, upper, middle or lower.

To provide a nice Shiatsu massage, there are four motorized balls that rotate and move up and down your the back/lumbar area. In the Shiatsu mode, the massage can be set to one particular area (spot massage). There is a button that allows you to stop the nodes from moving and just rotate in one spot. This is a handy feature when you want to target specific muscle areas.

Many people have been impressed with the massage options that this massager provides. In the Rolling mode, the nodes move up and down your spine without rotating. There is a button for width adjustment. Some people love the rolling action better than shiatsu. The up-down motion of the massage nodes is designed with the concept of somatology, the study, or science, of the human body.

This Zyllion massage cushion is built to work out the knots in your back and neck. It has a separate neck massage setting that operates independently of the back massager mentioned above. There are four massage nodes for the neck area with heating function that can be turned on and off separately. You can move the neck massage balls up or down.

The Zyllion ZMA-14-BK is a massage cushion with heat. The heat setting is a nice feature to help release muscle tension. To help relax the body and strengthen metabolism, the seat cushion is equipped with built-in double vibrating motors. Three levels of vibration massage are provided.

To ensure safety, this massager is programmed with 15-minute Auto Shut-Off. If you sit in a chair all day at a computer, using it for 5~15 minutes could help relax back muscles. Equipped with a temperature protection device, it will automatically stop operating when the temperature exceeds safety limits.

Massage chairs are super expensive and hard to move around. If you want something which is relatively lightweight and can be easily moved from one location to another, the Zyllion electric massage cushion is one to consider. The power adaptor works with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlet. It cannot be used in your car.

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Remote Control

User reviews of the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion seem very positive. Most owners posting to Amazon.com give it an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. Half of the reviewers give it a perfect rating. It is important however to realize that in any products, there will always be imperfections.

The speed or intensity of the massage on this cushion cannot be adjusted. To obtain the comfort level you desire, you need to adjust your body pressure against it. Further, as with any massager, it will not fit every body type. Little adjustment of sitting position may be required. The directions also say you cannot lay down on it flat. However, a massaging cushion is designed to be used on a chair.

Despite some minor considerations, most of the reviewers have been satisfied with their purchase. According to them, it really helps loosen muscle tension. It does a great job on the back. The shiatsu is very deep. The fact that it has varible massage features has also pleased many of its users. Many models out there do not massage the neck.

Further, while not everyone will appreciate the heating function, it is still an added advantage. The vibration in the seat is also a plus. Other positive comments have been made for the construction of the unit. Customer feedback suggests that it is a well constructed, durable massager.

The Zyllion ZMA-14-BK will not fit everyone’s needs. But if you are in the market for a deep tissue electric massage cushion, then based on the customer feedback you will be pleased with this product. For people with muscle fatigue or poor blood circulation in the neck and back, this product is worth considering.

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