Relaxzen 60-2907P04 Review – What You Get With The 10-Motor Massage Standard Mat?

Relaxzen 60-2907P04 10-Motor Massage Standard Mat with Heat, Charcoal Gray

If you are looking for a full body massager, the Relaxzen 60-2907P04 massage mat can be a great place to start. The mat massages from head to toe. Though no machine will replace a real massage, this product is still handy for relaxing muscles or relieving some stress. Read on to see if it is a good fit.

Basically, the Relaxzen 60-2907P04 is a vibrating mat, not a shiatsu kneading mat with rotating heads. If you want a deep tissue massager, look for something that says shiatsu. Shiatsu massage cushions such as the HoMedics MCS-775H or Zyllion ZMA-14-BK can be a good choice. The Nayoya Complete Acupressure Set is also one product which is worth mentioning.

The electric massager is hard wired for 110 plug in only. There is no car adapter. Coming with 10 vibration massage motors, it provides a variety of massage modes to choose from. The motorized massage mat covers four massage zones (neck/upper back, mid-back, lower back/lumbar, and leg/thigh). You can program which area you want to address.

Located on the controller are individual buttons that allow you to select zones individually. You also can select from three intensity levels (low, medium, and high). The highest intensity may be considered mild by some, but customers generally have been satisfied with the level of vibration that this massager provides.

The full body mat vibrates and heats up. According to the manual, it takes 7 min for it to reach maximum temperature of 140F. The heat is not all over pad. It is only available in one spot (lumbar area). However, the heat option is still a nice feature to have. Sometimes we just want to relax and warm up the back. You can choose whether or not the heat function to be activated.

In terms of safety, the vibrating mat has a built-in timer. It automatically turns itself off after a certain amount of time. So no need to worry about overheating. Having to turn it back on every 30 minutes can cause a certain amount of inconvenience. That said, the hand-held controller is always within easy reach. There is a pocket to store it in.

Like any other massage tool, this one is not completely flawless. Some people have reported that the heat function does not work as desired. The heat is not much. Others have commented that the vibrating level, even on the highest setting, is not strong enough to meet their needs. Obviously, this massage machine is not made for people who need deep therapeutic heat in their back.

Despite such negative feedback, user reviews indicate that the Relaxzen 60-2907P04 is a well made massager for the money. Comfort Products provides a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for all of their products. The Fabric looks nice. People have found that it is comfortable to lay on. Weighing less than 5 pounds, the lightweight mat is easy to fold and store under the bed. The Relaxzen 60-2907P04X, a newer version of this item, comes with extra foam.

No motorized massaging devices are whisper-quiet. This one will get a little louder on the higher cycles. However, based on the user feedback, noise level is not a big issue. Product dimensions are 66.9 x 1.4 x 22.4 inches. There are some complaints about the placemement of the vibration motors. Reportedly, the motors do not hit the right areas. However, it all depends on your own body size and how you position yourself on the mat.

No motorized massager will replace a real therapeutic massage by a masseuse. But for you who need is a massage mat which helps with stress relief and tense muscles, then it can be a good alternative. At less than $70, the price of the machine is agreeable to the majority.

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