Kendal MS0810M All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager Review

Kendal All in one foot spa bath massager MS0810M

If you are after a massaging devive that will give your feet a soothing bubble foot massage then the Kendal all in one foot spa bath massager is one to consider. After a long day of standing for work, nothing feels better than giving tired, achy feet a treat with a relaxing foot bath. A foot bath massager can help you save money from going to public spa treatments. This Kendal MS0810M review should give you enough answers to decide if this is the right foot spa bath massager for you.

Before ordering this unit, it is imporant to know what to expect. The foot bath unit comes with four functions: heat, bubbles, vibration, and infrared. It is more than just a foot basin for foot soaking. There are features that make this different from cheaper units. Three pre-set programs are available. It has a setting for vibration and lights with no heat and bubbles. You can also have it set to heat and bubbles without the vibration feature. The third setting allows you to enjoy all the functions at the same time.

There are rollers in the base of the bath that can be removed for comfort and can be snapped back on when you want to use them. The rolling massage wheels are not motorized so you must provide the movement. If what you want is a motorized rolling massager, you may want to take a look at the Kendal FBD1023. Equipped with digital temperature and time control, the Kendal FBD1023 costs $70 dollars more than this model.

This foot massaging device is equipped with a heater to keep the water warm. No need to keep adding hot water. According to many people, the heater is pretty strong. If you have tried a couple different foot spas and have been disappointed with the heating feature, this is a foot bath for you. The combination of heat and water movement creates an effect that is relaxing. The temperature is not adjustable. But as mentioned before, you can select the “vibration and light” mode to turn the heater off.

It has long been known that massaging the feet can create many healing effects. For this reason, foot bath massagers have become popular for people with foot problems. The Kendal MS0810M provides vibration and O2 bubble spa massage. It has been believed that the thermal effects of warm water coupled with strong bubbles can promote blood circulation and ease fatigue. Vibration techniques are often used by therapists to further relax their clients. Vibration can also help relieve painful conditions. The home spa machine also provides infrared lights at the bottom which is supposed to offer some healthful benefits.

Kendal MS0810M Features

The Kendal MS0810M has received some very positive feedback from its customers at The all in one foot spa bath massager currently has a review rating of 4.2/5 stars. Many reviewers have commented that this foot spa is worth the money. It does everything it claims to do.

Not everyone finds it helpful. A number of criticisms have also been leveled at the home foot massage machine. One of the most common complaints about the massager is in regard to the rollers. Many reviewers have commented how uncomfortable the rollers are. Fortunately, the rollers are removable for those with sensitive feet. It is not a huge negative for most reviewers. Further, there is no drainage hose on this unit for easier draining of water after use. But this can be considered a positive since there is no potential for it to leak. Some people wish the unit was a bit deeper but such view was made by the minority of the reviewers.

Despite such negative feedback, it is important to remember that most of the customer reviews have been very positive. One characteristic of the tub that the reviewers appreciate is that it really heats the water. Not only it heats the water, it also keeps the water warm. According to a number of reviewers, water can get too hot. You may need to turn the heat off and on while you are using it. If you lack feeling in your feet, please be real careful with the water temperature. However, not a lot of the reviewers have reported this to be a serious issue.

Positive comments have also been expressed by the reviewers in reference to the bubble feature. According to them, this bath really does a good job of creating a lot of bubbles. Some people wish that there was a way of just having the bubbles on without the heat but overall, majority of customers are satisfied with the features provided. When it comes to noise level, some of the users have found that the vibration is a little noisy. However, it seems that is always the case with a home massage device. The description says nothing about using salts but from some reviews, it seems that you can do so.

As long as you keep in mind that it is not a top of the line, commercial grade foot spa bath, then based on the customer feedback you will be thoroughly pleased with this foot massage machine. Coming with a price of under $100, it is designed for personal use. It draw only 380 watts from the wall. If you feel that you simply do not have the time to visit a professional salon, investing in this simple home foot spa may be the right move for you.

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