Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair Review

HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Massage Chair

A robotic massage chair is a long-time investment that will save you trips to the masseur or massage therapist. It allows you to integrate massage daily, or more precisely, very regularly. While it is true that even high-end models are not a pure substitute for a qualified masseuse, a good chair definitely can be a valuable part of your back health or pain management strategy. In this article we will take a closer look at the iJoy-2580, a robotic massage chair that comes with a relatively low price compared to other similar products in the market.

It does not have many bells and whistles like top of the line models. But it is interesting that some people have commented that it performs as well as the much more expensive chairs. The HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 costs less than $1000 which is much cheaper than most other options out there. With some extra features, the really expensive chairs do have some advantages, of course. But in terms of the quality of the back massage, the iJoy-2580 is comparable to those feature packed models. At least this is based on opinions from some people.

The fact that it gives a strong, pressure based massage has pleased many owners of the chair. The massage functions are performed by two motors. To replicate the hands and techniques of massage therapists, the iJoy-2580 comes equipped with quad-style massage rollers that move three-dimensionally on a straight track. This chair is designed to mimic the popular massage techniques of professionals – rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion.

Rolling is a massage technique which is usually used to warm and loosen your muscles. The rollers move up and down along your back. Kneading is especially helpful for relieving tension and soreness in the muscles. It works out the knots by lifting and stretching muscles. Compression uses alternating strokes and a gentle rocking motion. It spreads and applies pressure to deep muscle tissue. The technique normally involves the use of the whole hand. Percussion is performed with alternating rapid-tapping strokes. The movements stimulate circulation and strengthen muscles, especially the soft tissue areas. Each massage technique has its own benefits.

With the HT massage chair, you can target your massage to a specific area. Three auto back-massage programs are also available that let you concentrate on lower, upper, or the entire back. You let the chair take control. The chair will switch off automatically after 15 minutes. As you know, spending too much time at the computer is one common reason for upper back and neck tension. Certain activities can produce tension on the lower back. You can use this massaging machine to either refresh your entire back, relieve your neck and shoulders, or to release your lower back. Getting a forceful massage on the entire back can help us return refreshed to face the world again.

Unlike most massage chairs, it does not come with a hand held remote control. The on-board controller is located on the left-hand arm of the chair. It is a missing feature to some people. But no remote control means there is no wire clutter. There are two buttons that enable you to adjust the angle of the backrest up to 165 degrees. This allows for maximum comfort. The more you recline, the greater the massage intensity. The HT 2580 also features a removable massage-softening pad. You can remove it from the pocket if you want to experience the full power of this massage chair.

The features do not stop there. A head cushion is included in the package. It can be moved forward and backward for maximum comfort. An outlet built-in is also provided that enables you plug in a low-wattage appliance such as laptop or reading lamp. You can even enjoy your favourite drink while getting a great massage. This chair comes with a built-in cup holder in the right armrest. The wheels on the back side allow for easy moving.

User reviews of the Human Touch massage chair are great. At this time of writing, the robotic chair has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Coming with four primary massage techniques, three built-in 15-minute massage programs, power recline, removable massage softening pad and some other nice features, the massage functions of this chair is pretty good for its price point. An above all, the majority of reviewers have been impressed with its ability to deliver a good massage.

Every massage chair does have its flaws, and the iJoy-2580 is certainly no exception. There is no foot rest on this. Some people have also reported that it sits very low to the ground. There are no legs or feet on the chair. It can be hard for people with knee trouble to get up from the chair. Despite having a few downsides, most of the reviewers agree that this chair works as expected. The appearance also looks nice. Many reviewers appreciate the leather quality and the over-all construction of this chair. It can be a worthy investment for budget conscious shoppers.

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