HoMedics VC-110 Back Masseur Massage Cushion Review

HoMedics VC-110 Back Masseur Massage Cushion

If buying a massage cushion is what you want, but you do not want to spend a lot, the HoMedics VC-110 may be the right choice for you. HoMedics massagers are well respected. Though there are many offerings on the market these days, many of their products deserve serious consideration. Now, read on to see if this massage chair pad is a good fit.

The HoMedics VC-110 is not a massage cushion that comes with an array of options. It is not for those who want intense action. It only provides vibration massage for your back. If what you want is a chair pad that provides a deep, kneading massage, then have a look at the Homedics MCS-750H or the MCS-775H. Both provide Shiatsu and rolling massage mechanisms.

Despite being one of the cheaper massage cushions, the HoMedics VC-110 can still be a useful device for stress relief. Not everyone can take the strength of roller action anyway. Two vibration levels are provided so that you can control the intensity of your massage. Simply press the massage button on the control panel once for low intensity massage and press it again for high intensity massage.

The HoMedics VC-110 is an economically priced massage cushion. That said, a number of features in it make it attractive to consumers. One selling point of this portable back massager is it can be used at home or when driving a car. The HoMedics VC-110 is supplied with a 12 volt adapter for using in vehicles, making the long car trip a pleasure. At home, simply plug the adapter into a regular 120 volt AC outlet. The inexpensive back massage cushion comes with a strap system for mounting it on the seat.

Aside from what has been mentioned, it is also important to highlight that this Homedics massage chair pad also comes with heat function. Located on the seat cushion of the unit is a pressure activated switch. Heat will not operate unless pressure is applied to this switch. It requires 5-10 minutes for heat to reach maximum temperature. The heating part works on the lower region of the back.

As of this writing, the inexpensive massager gets an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars on amazon. The rating seems to be slightly low. When it comes to build quality, you will find that there are mixed reviews about this product. Some people have argued that the cushioning is too thin for their liking. Further, there is no timer on this model.

While it lacks advanced features such as zone control for various regions, most of the customer reviews have been very positive. It might not be the best product to ease back pain or to relieve really tight muscles. In fact, the massage chair pad is intended only to provide a luxurious massage. That said, if you need a back massage device to keep you relaxed, then it may suit your needs.

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