Homedics QRM-400H Therapist Select – Is It The Right Massage Cushion For You?

Homedics QRM-400H Therapist Select Quad-Roller Shiatsu & Rolling Massaging Cushion

The Homedics QRM-400H Quad-Roller is a massaging cushion that anyone who loves a deep, hard massage will want to take a look at. People like the flexibility that it offers. Here is an unbiased review of the electric massager.

The Homedics QRM-400H is more than just a device with a simple vibrate functionality. The features are very similar with the SBM-300H model. That said, the Homedics QRM-400H comes equipped with four rollers (two rollers on either side) instead of two. While not everyone appreciates it, for many people it is worth the difference in price.

It may seem pricey but there are a number of features that make it stand out from many cheaper models out there. Two main massage modes are provided: Shiatsu and rolling. With rolling style, the rollers go straight up and down. It is for you who are looking for relaxation rather than an intense massage. Unlike cheaper models out there, in this mode, you can adjust the horizontal distance between the rollers.

When Shiatsu mode is selected, the massager provides circular, deep kneading action. The rollers move side to side while moving up and down. Some people may find it uncomfortable. However, it could be a great help for you with back problems. You can focus the Shiatsu action in one place which is nice when you have a sore spot.

Whichever massage mode you choose, you have the ability to concentrate the massage in a specific area of the back. Three preset programs are provided that include lower back, upper back, and full back.

You can enjoy the massage with or without heat. There are lights on the rollers that will turn red when the heat is on. For safety reason, you cannot activate the heat option without the rollers. Talking about safety, there is a 15-minute auto shut off feature on this 120 volt electric massager.

In terms of assembly, it can be said that the unit is ready to go right out of the box. The integrated velcro straps allows you to easily turn your office chair into a stress reliever. Just do not forget to read the manual first before put it into use. Located on the back of the unit is a screw that you need to remove prior to usage.

The Homedics QRM-400H Therapist Select is one of the most popular massaging cushions at Amazon.com. The product is currently rated 4.1/5 stars with 248 reviews. Reviews generally glow with praise.

Inevitably, as with any product, some negative views have also been been attributed to the massage machine. A common complaint about the QRM-400H is that the rollers do not travel high enough to provide shoulder and neck massage. Measuring 27.5 x 18.2 x 6.8 inches, the quad-roller massage cushion should fit people with average size. Having said that, if you prefer more upper back massaging then this may not be the right product for you.

Despite the criticisms that have been leveled at the back massager, the vast majority of the reviewers have been pleased with their purchase.

The two massage settings, the heat function, the ability to adjust the width of the rollers, and of course, the spot Shiatsu massage option make it a better choice than many models out there. The supplied remote control allows you to easily adjust the position of the rollers.

Some people have reported that the Shiatsu massaging action is too strong for them but this is just a matter of personal preference. The majority of reviewers seem very satisfied with the massage that it delivers.

Obviously, no massaging device fits everyone needs. But if you are looking for an affordable solution for your tired or aching back, then this product is worth considering.

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