HoMedics MCS-750H Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review

HoMedics MCS-750H Massage Cushion with Heat

Originally founded in 1987, HoMedics is known for quality home massage products. If you search the reviews of this massage cushion then you will see that it holds up to that. It heats, kneads, rolls and taps. Unlike a lot of other massagers, it is equipped with 4 balls instead of 2. Clearly, it comes with a list of good features that make it attractive to consumers. In this review you will find information regarding the main features of this shiatsu masssage cushion.

The HoMedics MCS-750 is not intended for medical use. It is intended only to provide a luxurious massage. However, if you love a good back massage then based on the customer feedback you will be happy with this product. Before anything else, this electric massage device features Perfect Fit™ technology that allows you to set the massage range to the height that is perfect for your back. It also has width adjustment feature that allows you to ajdust the massage nodes width.

The features do not stop there. You can set the massager to stop in fixed position. As you know, there are massage pressure points along both sides of the spine. This product is not intended as a substitute for medical attention. However, it is nice to know that massaging pressure points can help relieve pain and improve circulation. Of course, you can also set this massager to target your full, upper, or lower back. Nearly everyone has experienced back pain at some point during their lifetime. Although electric back massagers are not designed to be therapeutic in nature, they can be very useful in reducing muscle tension.

Three massage styles are provided that include rolling, kneading, and tapping. Rolling is like two hands working slowly up and down your back. This massage option can be useful for after-work relaxation after a stressful day. Kneading is a deep penetrating massage. Basically, the main goal of this massage style is to decrease tension and increase muscle flexibility. Tapping is a fast, invigorating massage. The percussive technique is usually used to remove stiffness and promote blood circulation. This quad-roller massage cushion offers spot massage feature. The rollers can be stopped in fixed position to provide kneading or tapping massage action.

HoMedics MCS-750H On A Chair

You can add soothing heat to your massage. This can enhance your relaxation experience. When either kneading, rolling or tapping massage is on, simply press the heat button on the hand controller to activate this feature. The massager also has a special shut-off feature. For your safety, it is designed to automatically turn off after 15 minutes. The massage intensity or speed is not adjustable. You may soften massage force by placing a towel between yourself and the unit.

The HoMedics quad shiatsu massage cushion is not designed to alleviate any back pain. That being said, a number of reviewers with back problems have experienced the benefits of using it. This product has received some very positive feedback from its customers at Amazon.com. Coming with three massage styles, zone control, soothing heat function, width adjustment feature, and Perfect Fit™ technology, it offers quite a bit more than the other models. There is no massaging device that work for all people. But if you do not have the time for a real deep massage, this massage seat cushion is worth considering.

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